Manchester City Real Madrid want to fight another day! Exposure wear handsome rush to hit 35 million pounds against God

"Daily Mail" screenshots yet to July 1, Liverpool have signed four players in a row, has signed Kolo Toure, Luis - Alberto, Aspen Pass and Mi Genuo Wright It is not only one of the fastest teams in the Premier League club quickest, even all football clubs in Europe action. According to the statement of Fleet Street, Liverpool in the transfer market this summer, and will not end, then there will still reinforcements Anfield! Liverpool officially announced the signing in Mi Genuo Wright occasion, the British media, "Daily Mail" also revealed that Liverpool eyeing Barcelona Yaoxing Gerrard - 德乌罗费乌.德乌罗费乌 now 19 years old, the functional attacking midfielder, also as a winger, can also guest striker.德乌罗费乌 La Masia youth system is another outstanding talent, known as Iniesta II, despite the amazing football talent, but the Barcelona first team talent, which led to delays in the Spanish star Based on the first team, the first team has only played six times, for a long time consorting with the Barcelona B team in the second division league last season, played 33 times in the second division league, scoring 18 goals 6 assists, performance is amazing. "Daily Mail" said that because Neymar to join, 德乌罗费乌 more see no hope at the Nou Camp, so I plan to leave, but Barcelona does not want to let him go so, so I decided to let him on loan leave, Liverpool and Tottenham likely to be his next home. At the same time, one of Liverpool target Mkhitaryan has a new dynamic, this is known as the third summer signing Liverpool players before in deep trouble, Armenia midfielder wants to join Liverpool, but suddenly found his ownership is not all In Donetsk the hands of miners, which led to his move to Liverpool is limited, in order to urge Shakhtar make his move as quickly as possible, Mkhitaryan actually choose to stop training, so the club is facing severe penalties, it is learned Shakhtar order to prepare for the new season has begun training in Austria. Meanwhile, Shakhtar Donetsk official reiterated that they did not receive the offer from Liverpool, "Mirror," said Wu super giants have decided that Mkhitaryan will become a non-sale items .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Suarez news on the British media, "Daily Express" said that because they could not reach an agreement with Real Madrid to Liverpool, which made the other team saw an opportunity to acquire Su God, Naples intends to sell off after Cavani, which take Suarez transfer part of the acquisition; in addition, Manchester City also focused their attention on Suarez, Blue Moon associate coach Manuel Pellegrini has considered Suarez included a list of their acquisition, now Manchester City are already quietly follow Pellegrini buy list, had already signed Navas, who, as Suarez, Manchester City intends to offer 35 million pounds to get people, although Liverpool and Suarez penalty of 40 million pounds.


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