Milan officially confirmed the bar of God will leave nearly 22 million switch to Liverpool

- Milan confirm the bar of God will go to Liverpool Mario red and black highlights August 21, AC Milan and Liverpool official confirmation on transfer issues are baluoteli negotiations. According to the "slow motion" and "Gazzetta dello Sport," said the two clubs have reached an agreement on the transfer fee, according to British media reports, Liverpool will pay the Italian striker's transfer fee of 16 million pounds. Currently only Liverpool and the bar of God settled personal terms, the deal will be completed. In the summer, Liverpool Suarez will be sold at the price of 81 million euros to Barcelona striker strength cause serious damage, although Lambert signed England international, but still can not make up for the impact of the Soviet Union to leave God, in a series of missed mine After rice and Falcao and other prey, Liverpool will look to 准米兰 striker Balotelli .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League kids soccer kits 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. For Milan, Balotelli can be regarded as the only battle worth of players, lack of funds in order to carry out the Rossoneri signings, the recovery of funds sold the bar of God to be the only solution. Yesterday, "slow motion" and "Gazzetta dello Sport" have revealed Liverpool offer 22 million euros buy Balotelli, although Milan vice president Adriano Galliani then denied, but also implies that the deal still has operated space, Galliani said: "Liverpool did not open the offer for Balotelli, so now there is no negotiation but the transfer window to be closed before September 1, we will see how things progress.." Then Italian media reported that Liverpool and Milan successive transfer issues bar of God negotiations, AC Milan official channels confirmation is in talks with Liverpool. According to previous news, Balotelli's transfer fee of around 22 million euros, the Italian media generally believe that even the two clubs have negotiated a fee, just wait for Liverpool and the bar of God to agree on personal terms, the deal can be completed . According to the Italian transfer experts Dumas economic Austria revealed that Liverpool bar of God will provide a four-year, six million euros annual salary contract, and the deal will be completed in the fastest today. It is reported that the bar of God that I have said in the training, which will be in Milanello base themselves on the last day. After signing the bar of God, Liverpool offensive line will have a ballot, Sturridge, Lambert, Sterling and Coutinho et al., Still very aggressive. 

There are many things to watch Chelsea this season, one of which is Courtois and two world-class goalkeeper Petr Cech, etc. who will serve as the main, from the message given by Fleet Street, it seems now been finalized, 2-0 at Chelsea beat Real Sociedad game as a starter goalie Courtois will be the No.1 team of Jose Mourinho, Cech will be on the bench. In other words, Chelsea Premier League opener against newly promoted Burnley, Courtois will be a starter. Despite everything Courtois good things are moving in the direction of development, but Chelsea goalkeeper in Belgium who also suffered a lot, it took the issue to renew it, the club intends to renew and Courtois again, but it was the Belgian goalkeeper denied. British media, "London Evening Standard" reported that Courtois is now weekly earnings £ 30,000, belonging to ultra-low-salary family in Chelsea, in recent years, the Belgian goalkeeper in Spain battles, won a series of honors, including the last season to help Madrid Athletics get La Liga champions, and helped the team reach the Champions League final; we all know, Mourinho Courtois to Chelsea over the next decade, as the main goalkeeper, naturally reluctant poached by other clubs, the club will definitely stay renewal Under him; It is reported that Chelsea out of the conditions is that the new five-year contract, weekly earnings doubled to 60,000 pounds, but still was Courtois rejected because the salary of the contract with Cech's treatment has Tianrang the other, the Czech goalkeeper weekly over 100,000 pounds. Obviously, Chelsea want to continue 约库尔图瓦, must pay big bucks, but the club are confident that in the near future to complete the contract. Transfers aspect, recently Chelsea deal has been officially announced, Christian - Asturias on loan to Everton on loan for the season, Everton club official confirmed that a transfer message. Asturias, aged 22, the functional winger, his debut in Porto, in 2013 to join Chelsea in the summer, but then was loaned to Vitesse, Netherlands, on behalf of the club last season, he played 30 times, scoring 5 goals 6 assists, with a good performance won the Ghana national team call-up, participated in the World Cup held in Brazil, Ghana group match three games, all starting debut Asturias. Asturias leave is not surprising, after all he is not Jose Mourinho planned player, be pointed out that Chelsea another striker Xu Earle also the possibility of leaving the team, Paris Saint-Germain and Atletico Madrid and other two teams are interested in buying. British media, "Daily Express" reported that Paris Saint-Germain on Mary's transfer frustration, because the price is too high and eventually renounced, the French giant to find another target, eyeing Rooney and Xu Earle, Paris Saint Germanic decide where a player to replace Mary; taking into Rooney, Van Gaal has just been appointed as the new captain of Manchester United, the possibility of leaving Old Trafford is unlikely, so the PSG can be described as Ji Gong Xu Earle, fight in a short time to finalize. Last season, as Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o and Demba Ba and other strikers not to force, Mourinho once let winger Xu Earle as a striker, received good results, even transplanted to Germany coach Joachim Low German tanks Xu Earle outstanding performance to help the German team won the World Cup; outstanding performance over the past year, it is difficult to let go of many Earle Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain but faced aggressive strikes, the Blues can stand up ? Do not forget, after Paris Saint-Germain has invested 50 million pounds Chelsea poached main defender David - Lewis.

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